The ‘Kind Of Fancy’ Story

One afternoon while walking past our bathroom, I caught a glimpse of something disturbing. My oldest, and about 7 at the time, was standing over the toilet leaning over and performing a good old ‘farmer’s blow.’

(Don’t know what that is? Google it. Or check Urban Dictionary. But don’t search images. Trust me).

Completely grossed out, I began scolding him like any good hygiene-oriented mother would do.  I said something like, “That’s disgusting! Seriously. Use a tissue next time. Go wash your hands.” Or something like that.

Frustrated and probably a little embarrassed he responded with this monologue:

“Mom, it’s just that…well…I feel like you’re kind of fancy. And dad, he’s kind of country. And I think I’m more country than fancy.”

And there it was– a succinct and profound perspective on not only the difference between his father and me, but the reason why he thought he should be allowed to do a famer’s blow any dagum time he wanted. He was kind of country. And I was not. I was kind of fancy. It was spot on. It stuck. And thanks to him when the time came that I was ready to launch my business, I had my inspiration: Kind of Fancy. Not Totally Fancy or Always or Mostly. Just–kind of. Because that’s me. I’m a little fancy with a dash of funny and always 100% authentic. That’s who I am, and that’s what comes through every time in my parties and events: fancy, fun and real. If that sounds like your cup of tea, I’d love to hear from you.

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